Send Demo

We accept all demo’s from the EDM genre.

We only accept original songs created by you. We do not accept remixes or songs of which you don’t own the rights for.

Only send us the “mastered” version of your demo (your track has to be completely finished for a possible release.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the demo page and upload your demo link (SoundCloud link or other – set as private). Include your email, real name, DJ name, track name, information about yours in the comment section. Important: IF you send in your demo, make sure you haven’t posted it on other social media (like Instagram, YouTube, and so on…). You song may be already copied several times by others. In that case, originality is gone.


  • Send your song or demo through WeTransfer (wav or mp3) to (Include your Email, real name, DJ name, track name, information about yourself in WeTransfer – or send all the info to together with the file through WeTransfer).

Your song will be listened to by our A&R crew.

If your song is accepted for release, you will be contacted by email.


Note: This process can take a couple of days. You will always receive an email with our decision.

Keep sending your demo’s!