Welcome at Oxysonic Records

Oxysonic Records

We don’t care if you’re not a big name in the EDM world.

You don’t have to be a music star with a million followers on Social Media.

We don’t mind if you just started making your first song.

You think your music is good enough? Send it to us. 

What does our name mean? 

“Oxy” stands for oxygen….. “Sonic” stands for sound……… 

Our goal is to give music artists the oxygen they need in producing their sound and music.

By releasing their songs, by being there to support them in any way possible. In short, to be their guiding light in the music industry.

“Music is our oxygen…. We can’t live without it”.

Our record label focuses itself on artists who produce music in the Electronic Dance Music world.

From Trance, Techno to House, Bass and all the sub genres included.


Feel free to send us your demo throught our demo page.